Hakija Kanurić

Assistant Professor


Hakija Kanurić

Hakija Kanurić was born on 21/31/1971 in Jezerski, Bosanska Krupa. He finished elementary school in his hometown, and high school in electrical engineering in Zagreb. He completed his basic, master's and doctoral studies in islamic law at the Islamic University “Imam Mohammed b. Saud” in Riyadh. At this University he was also engaged as a teaching assistant in Islamic law subjects.

From the 2015/2016 academic year, he was hired at the Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy in Bihać as an external associate in various subjects in the islamic sciences, and entered into employment at the same faculty at the end of 2018.

He heads the section of the Holy Quran and is a member of the international cooperation and projects Team of the IPF. He is currently the head of the II cycle study program.

He actively publishes scientific articles and texts and lectures in the field of islamism. He is the editor of the Proceedings of the Islamic Faculty of Pedagogy.